Xtreme Guard Pro (Black/Cherry color)

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Rinat Xtreme-Guard Pro

Designed to raise your confidence to the extreme. This new model has been created with the latest technological innovations. Each of its parts has been developed to provide comfort and safety.
Backhand: Neoprene with high-frequency embossing to protect your hand on main impact zones. Anti-slip gel on knuckles.
Cut: Combines the best of two cuts, the Ergonomic and Rollfinger providing both comfort and natural catch-ready position while also giving a maximum surface area for optimum grip and security.
Palm: German AXG® Latest generation latex developed in Germany especially for Rinat with the principles of the same technology with which the tires of the aircraft and formula 1 cars are manufactured to guarantee an extreme grip even in rainy conditions. It has unbeatable performance, perfect balance between grip top and resistance, the best in high-end wet latex.
Closure: Neoprene with embossing, EZ fit opening with lycra that facilitates the entry of the hand to the glove. Short wristband with great fit and rubber tip. As a novelty, the extended palm is a piece of independent latex that goes from the lower part of the palm of the hand to the part of the forearm.
Recommended Use:
        • All-Weather
        • Rain & Humid Conditions
        • Matches
        • High-Intensity Training
        • Natural grass